April Prince, House DJ for West Coast Wednesdays

April Prince, House DJ for West Coast Wednesdays

When she’s not busy as running the weekly West Coast Wednesdays (WCW) dances, WCW founder and owner April Prince spins tunes as the house DJ. April was born into a family of performing musicians where music was always the love of her life. She trained in music since she was a toddler and finds absolute joy teaching and sharing the gift of music with others. Her love of music led her to find wonderful dance and DJ opportunities.

In the Chicago area, April DJs and manages West Coast Wednesdays and The Mix Dance. She also DJ’s at Swing ‘n’ Country. April spins at national dance events which have included Boogie By the Bay, Swing City Chicago, The Chicago Classic, Chi- Town Swings, Danzapalooza, Florida Swing Vacation, The Dance Camp, The Tampa Bay Classic, Sweetheart Swing, Miami Dance Magic, Orlando Jack and Jill Jam, Bridge Town Swing, The Lone Star Invitational, CASH Bash, The Sweet Side of Swing, Summer Hummer, Wisconsin Dance Challenge, Wanna Boogie, Swing Fling, River City Swing, America’s Classic, Seattle Easter Swing, Indy Swing Bash, and Worlds Country Dance Championship.

She has a bachelors and masters degree in music education and recently received the 2009 All Swing DJ of the year award. April is the Illinois DJ representative for

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