This Week’s Instructor | Brittney Valdez

Brittney Valdez

Brittney Valdez

Brittney has had a passion for sports and music alike from a very young age. Growing up she was a competitive gymnast and soccer player and musically she found her calling in the choir. While music has never failed to put a smile on her face, a wiggle in her bottom, and a bounce in her step, it wasn’t until college that Brittney was exposed to ballroom dancing, the perfect combination of her athleticism and musicality.

From her first Salsa lesson, she was hooked on dancing&hellip’there was no turning back. Three years, two schools, and several majors later, it became obvious that a career in dancing was the ultimate goal. The summer of 2006, at the age of 21 with no formal dance training, Brittney began her career at Fred Astaire Dance Studios in Buffalo Grove, IL, becoming part of a team whose collective ambition would drive the studio to become number one in the franchise. She became certified through a full silver level (passing with honors), mastered her teaching skills, and met students and staff that have left a lasting impression on her.

If someone had told Brittney at 21 that becoming a U.S. Champion was in the cards for her, she would have said they were nuts! She thought that to be a champion one must start dancing at an extremely young age, but now she knows that all it takes is a burning desire and the guts to go for it.

Through her journey as a competitive dancer, Brittney has received the gift of self expression and a new confidence that has affected every area of her life. She is intent on sharing the gift of dancing with everyone who will allow her, hoping they all get a least a small taste of the transformation that dancing sets in motion. Brittney approaches every lesson with unfailing optimism and an infectious spirit that inspires her students to learn and accomplish more than they thought possible. She is affectionately known for her contagious laughter and a smile that will never fail to brighten your day; but don’t let that fool you, as she is a tough cookie when it comes to learning to dance, unafraid to push students to their limit when in their own best interest.

“I hope to see you soon whether on a lesson, in a class, or on the social dance floor. Remember, coordination and rhythm can be taught, so don’t let comments that you have ‘two left feet’ or ‘no rhythm’’discourage you. There is a lifetime of enjoyment waiting for you if you have the courage to take the first step on the dance floor.”