This Week’s Instructors | Alex Rowe and April Prince

Brittney Valdez

Alex Rowe and April Prince

Alex Rowe

Alex began his partner dance journey in 1999 at a country bar a close friend took him on his 21st birthday. After three months of just about seven nights a week of dance, life never looked the same.

Alex has a dynamic sports and dance back ground combined with multiple disciplines of cross training—ranging from sand volleyball, pilates, yoga and a day job as a massage therapist—that contribute to his unique take on West Coast Swing.

“It’s safe to say I truly believe the body is a wonderland and its always an investigation of its potential,” Alex says. “The sport of dance is a constant evolution. I hope to ahead light on your unique journey.”

April Prince

When she’s not busy as running the weekly West Coast Wednesdays (WCW) dances, WCW founder and owner April Prince spins tunes as the house DJ. April was born into a family of performing musicians where music was always the love of her life. She trained in music since she was a toddler and finds absolute joy teaching and sharing the gift of music with others. Her love of music led her to find wonderful dance and DJ opportunities.

Through her journey as a competitive dancer, and US Champion, Brittney has received the gift of self expression and a new confidence that has affected every area of her life. While she has always been a bit of an idealist, she now believes more than ever that anything you put your mind to is possible. She is intent on sharing the gift of dancing with everyone who will allow her, hoping they all get a least a small taste of the transformation that dancing sets in motion.

Brittney approaches every lesson with unfailing optimism and an infectious spirit that inspires her students to learn and accomplish more than they thought possible.