This Week’s Instructor | Jeff Mumford

Jeff Mumford

Jeff Mumford

Jeff Mumford found West Coast Swing (WCS) in 2010 when he unknowingly ran across a Jack & Jill video on YouTube. He found local lessons to attend and quickly fell in love. Jeff will tell you that WCS literally brought him back to life emotionally while suffering from PTSD as a military combat veteran.

Jeff enjoys teaching, competing, and judging across the nation. He has won multiple Strictly and Jack & Jill competitions, rising to the Champion/Pro Division.

Jeff has been called “The People’s Pro” because of his passion for social dancing with everyone, his friendly and down-to-earth personality, and his ability to have fun with any partner, regardless level. He has won several Social Dancer of Year awards, most recently at Atlanta Swing Classic 2014.

Jeff currently resides in Chicago, Illinois and teaches group classes several nights per week as well as private lessons regionally. He loves teaching because he believes that this dance is an art form and every dancer has a story to tell with their own groove. The challenge and reward is teaching individuals how to bring it out for display on the social and competitive dance floor.

West Coast Swing Pro Invitational Tournament - Jeff Mumford with Jen Deluca